Top 13 Best Capital Steez Quotes and Sayings

Capital Steez Quotes

In this article you’ll read the Top 13 Best Capital Steez Quotes and Sayings. Hope you’ll take pleasure in it.

Courtney Everald “Jamal” Dewar Jr. (July 7, 1993– December 24, 2012), much better known with his stage name Capital Steez (elegant as Capital STEEZ), was generally an American rap artist and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.

He was the owner of the Pro Era as well as Beast coast.

Capital Steez made suicide on December 24, 2012 right after jumping from the rooftop of the Cinematic Music Group headquarters age of 19. Both of his Albums Pro Era and Beast Coast went on Success after his death.

Best Capital Steez Quotes in English

Capital Steez Quotes | Capital Steez Sayings
Capital Steez Quotes | Capital Steez Sayings

1.) Haven’t shed a solitary tear, but I am really hurtin’ down inside.– Capital Steez

2.) A person’s world, but a white person’s planet.– Capital Steez Quotes

3.) No interruptions, stereo systems pumping from the cell, coming live from Flatbush Junction.– Capital Steez

4.) Continue to think it’s a joke, your third eye vision is broke.– Capital Steez

5.) It feels like I just cannot think of the words, only a melody.– Capital Steez

6.) End ofthe world comin’ start investin’ in a few guns.– Capital Steez Sayings

7.) Would God come through or would he actually fail to remember us?– Capital Steez

8.) And after the disturbance a moment of quietness.– Capital Steez

9.) Illuminati tryin’ to read through my consciousness by using an eagle eye.– Capital Steez

10.) I stand honored, but I do not ever pointed out my pledge allegiance.– Capital Steez Quotes

11.) Our feelings are PURE, our logic is KORRUPT.– Capital Steez

12.) They claim sound is vibration and it got my head shaking/ Can you experience it vibrating? I call it.– Capital Steez

13.) It’s me in opposition to time, been making an effort to do the job against this person’s desire.– Capital Steez

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